Dubai JOSENSE International Medical Corp

is a joint high-end medical services company invested by Dubai royal family, England Royal MAYFAIR Anti-aging Medical Center, Dr. Hou International Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, and the three co-founders are: Sheikh Aimar Aller Muara, Josense Hou, and Dr. David J Barillo.

Create the beauty of life for those who are influential in the world.
JOSENSE Specialists
Dr. Khalid Al Hashemi

Professor of Anti-aging Technology Research Center of JOSENSE International Medical Corp Cosmetic Surgery Expert of Dubai Royal Hospital Professor of UAE University School of Medicine
Dr. Amanda

Advisor of Royal Medical Center of JOSENSE International Medical Corp Expert of America Beverly Hills IV Nutrient Therapy Center Member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Expert of the Royal MAYFAIR Anti-aging Medical Research Center
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