Customize The Youth

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Approaching Customizing The Youth Private Tour

Launched by Dubai JOSENSE International Medical Corp, just for the global elite; with life science, medical cosmetic anti-aging customizing, health screening, quality lifestyle as the main body, it is a high-end medical service project based on customized tourism culture. There are 4 source mansions, hundreds of top global directly or cooperative medical services, everywhere there is medical cosmetic anti-aging customizing and health tracking service provided by JOSENSE International Medical Corp.

The Sources

Customize My Youth

Management of Tracking Youth

JOSENSE International Medical Corp provides the “Customizing the youth tour” VIPs with the world’s first cloud-based EYIeLHAMP individual youth management system, which will accurately record every VIP’s health, anti-aging and treatment data, which can be checked by the doctors for the customers in the four sources of “customizing the youth tour” and JOSENSE global service network at any time. The system will regularly remind the private physicians of the VIP’s after treatment efficacy releasing and slowing trend and time, so it’s convenient for your personal physician contact you on time to do maintenance and post-treatment.

Mental Refreshment

The management of mental refreshment of Josense International Medical Corp is a deeply awakening heart repair service for the customers of customizing the youth tour for heart decompression. Its own psychological analysis-oriented art and natural treatment model highly recognized by World Psychology Research Center, from the perspective of physical and mental medical aesthetics, medical cosmetology health psychology, psychophysiology, and behavior psychology, with multiple art and the nature as a medium, expresses VIPs’ negative emotions, unlocks the heart, repairs the mind beauty, and makes people, beauty, and heart perfect match.

Asia-Pacific Customizing the Youth Service(中文服务)