Dubai JOSENSE International Medical Corp is a joint high-end medical services company invested by Dubai royal family, England Royal MAYFAIR Anti-aging Medical Center, Dr. Hou International Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, and the three co-founders are: Sheikh Aimar Aller Muara, Josense Hou, and Dr. David J Barillo.

JOSENSE International Medical Corp is mainly engaged in clinical research and clinical studies of human anti-aging prevention, rehabilitation, regeneration and other medical fields. Now it has 12 wholly-owned hospitals in the world, 23 holding operating hospitals, and more than 1,500 top medical experts. Its famous flagship institutions include JOSENSE royal anti-aging health hospital, the first accredited by Dubai JCI, IV Therapy Center of JOSENSE International Medical Corp in Beverly Hills, America, England MAYFAIR Medical Anti-Aging Research Center, and South Africa KAPAMA human body autologous materials self repair clinical base. These agencies are also the four global sources of JOSENSE Corp’s customizing the youth tour, famous for their precise anti-aging diagnosis, sophisticated medical cosmetic technology, high-end luxury services, and perfect management system. This corp also operates other forms of services related to health and beauty industry, for example, laboratory testing services, high-end health examination services, sub-health rehabilitation services, age management services, drug clinical trial services, medical equipment research and development services, and so on. QUARK future anti-aging technology is highly recognized by the International Organization for Anti-Aging Joint Committee and the World Anti-Aging Medicine Society.

The corp’s mission: First of all, focus on and improve the quality of human life, in this perception, struggle for providing good-quality and effective anti-aging and health-care services for global elites.
MORNINGSIDE International Medical Health Care Institution

The world third largest integrated health care institution, in collaboration with JOSENSE Medical Corp in auto-material repair clinical research institution, and it is also former President Nelson Mandela’s health management institution.

Dubai Royal Hospital

The only authoritative comprehensive hospital in the Middle East that Dubai cooperates with the U.S. government; it only receives the royal family and only a few VIPs, and runs 24-hour reservation system.

Italy PREMO ITALIY Medical Health Care Group

One of the most cutting-edge technology health medical research institutions, the EU medical prevention and health clinical research center, the largest partner of JOSENSE International Medical Corp.
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