To provide clients with better neurological rehabilitation technology, JOSENSE neurological rehabilitation center cooperated with the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas C. Südhof laboratory team in October of 2013.
3 Scientists discovered a key process in the process of cell physiology, revealing the interior and exterior cell transport system how to achieve the accuracy of time and location. In the cell, whether it is yeast or human beings, regardless of higher organisms or lower organisms, vesicle transport and membrane fusion mechanism inside them follow the same basic principles. This system is essential to a series of physiological processes, from the delivery of the brain signals, the release of hormones, to the immune cytokine. But when disease happens, there will be something wrong with the intracellular vesicle transport mechanisms. Without the perfect mechanism of vesicle transport, the cells will fall into chaos, including some neurological and immune system disorders.
JOSENSE neurological rehabilitation treatment center is the only clinical treatment facility in Dubai that three Nobel winners will carry out a comprehensive cooperation. They jointly use the vesicle transport mechanisms to JOSENSE neurological rehabilitation medicine which has already reached the highest international standard. We believe that they will make a fundamental breakthrough research on the diagnosis and treatment of many neurological disorders, such as dystonia, epilepsy, Parkinson and other dementia.
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