JOSENSE cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center in the course of nearly a decade of development, has already made ​​a number of domestic and international influential achievements on the prevention and treatment of heart and lung disease in the the world, and it has been dominated by the world’s leading academic status and a higher international reputation in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular epidemiology and research. With the support of JOSENSE Group, JOSENSE cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center has now developed into the only research center in Middle East that applies scientific study of cardiopulmonary disease prevention as the main direction.
JOSENSE cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center has a number of world-class technologies. In the diagnosis of cardiopulmonary disease, CARTO radiofrequency ablation, coronary stent implantation, coronary angiography, blood cells and bone marrow morphology, PCR thermal cycling amplification, sputum cytology, pleural effusion cytology, CT-guided lung biopsy, bronchial biopsy and lymph node needle biopsy, endoscopic ultrasound, medical thoracoscopy, mediastinoscopy, etc. sputum hnRNP stained, PET / CT, LDCT screening for high-risk groups, lung cancer and other related aspects of genetic testing technologies have reached a high level.
JOSENSE cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center has unique advantages on diagnosis and treatment of heart disease for patients, carries out the win-win cooperation during treatment, works in close cooperation with a number of world -renowned institutions, regularly exchanges complex disease treatment techniques; and has participated in dozens of international clinical studies, so it knows the latest news on international cardiopulmonary disease treatment to improve patients’ survival time and life quality.
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