JOSENSE skin regeneration project is performed by its unique GAP regenerative technology. When signs of skin aging come out, GAP regenerative technology will start the instinct of human skin regeneration, to create a suitable environment for the physical regeneration of the skin, under the condition of maitaining the skin’s normal activities and operation, the body tissue cells through the exchange of information, instinctively issue repair instrctions to injured and aging tissues.
When GAP regenerative technology creates all the necessary micro-environment conditions for regeneration of skin cells, skin cells can realize skin cells in situ cultivation according to repair instrctions, thereby differentiate into different tissue progenitor cells, and then the propagated original tissue cells further link into different tissues, different tissues become new skin or body organs in order to achieve the regeneration of the skin.
“GAP regenerative technology, incredibly subverted technology of skin regeneration,” The technology recently has been applied to the anti-aging, scar repair, wound healing and other therapeutic areas. The technology was developed by Dr. Holmes from the Fourth Treatment Institution of the group in the United States, in 2012 it obtained North Carolina Winston-Salem (AFIRM) regeneration clinical technology of the Armed Forces Institute of Medicine, in order to better help wounded soldiers’ wound recovery.
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