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Often work overtime deep into the night, do you sleep well? After a nap at noon, still feel groggy in the afternoon? Obviously you are very tired, but when you lie on the bed, still can’t fall asleep?Insomnia is of interest to everyone. For decades, JOSENSE International Medical Corp health management center has also spent a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources in sleep health, and has developed many creative hardware to help you sleep, which can not only improve the patients’ sleep quality, but also customize your “dreams”. Thus it brings breakthrough change to the human sleep, for example, you can customize in your dream where you spend your summer vacation, and refresh yourself with a nap instead of coffee …

Let’s Get to Know Lucid Dreaming

With the development of the Internet, Lucid Dreaming appears in sight of people more and more. What on earth is Lucid Dreaming? Actually people do not know what Lucid Dreaming is.

Lucid Dreaming is a dream in which you can realize you’re dreaming right now, and you can control the plot development of the dream.

Health management experts of JOSENSE said: “when you are in a lucid dream, you will do self-examination to determine if you are dreaming. A lucid dream can be sweet, very strange, and also very warm. Because it is a dream, most people can’t recall the details of the dream. It is because that you are in the dream, so there are endless possibilities.”

As early as more than a decade ago, health experts of JOSENSE Corp have discovered that if you design dream sign when people are awake, and then let the participants go to sleep according to the designed procedure, you can achieve a lucid dream state —some equipment newly developed by JOSENSE can help people realize this dream.


There’s nothing special from LRB’s appearance, but it has a built-in microcomputer controller and LED display. The built-in microcomputer can detect the user’s brain waves, by tracking the activity rate of the brain to accurately judge when the user is in the deepest sleep. When people are in sleep, the LED will light according to the set procedure, let users get light stimulation when their eyes are closed; the light will not only remind the user: “hey, you’re dreaming!” But also control the direction of dreams.

LRB has a built-in microcomputer, experts of JOSENSE will accurately calculate the time to startup the procedure according to the EYIeLHAMP individual age management system in order to correspond to deep sleep time. Improving the lucid dream can directly change the patients’ health status, such as reducing nightmare, prolonging deep sleep, promoting concentration, etc. The LRB is also currently the only equipment which can be used in clinical trials to monitor sleep depth and control deep sleep.

The MOM Dreamer

The purpose of the research and development of The MOM dreamer is to promote a lucid dream. The light and sound of this product is of great help for sleep and meditation.

The MOM dreamer is equipped with three electronic hair ribbons which can be directly put on the forehead. When a user is in deep sleep, early-set voice will remind the user that now he’s in a dream state. At the same time, the mild light shines timely, with gentle music, a lucid dream state is easy to trigger.

In addition, The MOM dreamer is equipped with internal monitor, it can detect heartbeats and sleep quality, transmit data to the assorted APP via bluetooth, and also awaken users like an alarm clock in the best time. Respiratory sleep expert Dr LANDEN from JOSENSE group said: “before long, The MOM dreamer will be applied to treatment, it will effectively change sleep status of patients with insomnia.”


JOSENSE Corp has invested $50 million on research and development of multi-function sleep recorder, it will be people’s ultimate sleep partners after its launch. It not only improves sleep quality, treatment of sleep disorders, but helps patients refresh, with maximization of sleep efficacy.

The DMR can not only track user’s sleep, monitor heartbeat, EEG, EOG, combining smart technology with infrared ray therapy, according to the different situation of users, gives patients personal opinions. If you have an important appointment next week, for example, The DMR will suggest when you should go to sleep a few days before the date according to the records of tens of thousands of clinical data to maintain the best condition of your body.

The NeuroOn will tell you when to sleep is best, how long sleep time is the best a week before the date, so that keeping you in the best state.


Global Users of Individual Aging Tracking Management Cloud System EYIeLHAMP Have Reached Ten Million


The latest statistics of JOSENSE International Medical Corp show that, till 30th of June, 2014, the global users of individual aging tracking management cloud system EYIeLHAMP have reached ten million.

After 12 years of researching and testing, JOSENSE International Medical Corp individual aging tracking management cloud system EYIeLHAMP was officially opened on March 24th, 1995. It can record the treatment data of each patient, covering physical testing data, the result of physicians’ consultation, preoperative treatment data and record of the whole operation, postoperative nursing rules, etc., provide every guest with highly reliable age management services.

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi 90% of the royal family, 85% of the business elites use individual aging tracking management cloud system EYIeLHAMP to analyze physical aging. In the USA and UK, 79% of successful women use individual aging tracking management cloud system EYIeLHAMP.


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