Everything in the universe is not flat or solid, when you observe closely, you will find all the objects have tiny holes or wrinkles, this is the basic law of physics. In the universe the space smaller than molecules and atoms was named the wormhole, and it’s very difficult for us to see it, it exists in the crack of time and space, namely the four-dimensional space, the component of cells smaller than the proton atom also exists in human cells’ wormwhole where there are tiny cracks, wrinkles, and gaps.

and his research team combine human future anti-aging medicine and father of quark, Gell-Mann’s quark theory, by Hawking’s wormhole theory, in a very short time connect to the universe and decipher the human quark particles, critical basic unit of medical anti-aging, which is a hit shocked the world, it rapidly overthrows the soft spot of the human being’s aging. In the past, we tried to solve the aging of cells to keep the cells young and last cells time so as to prolong our life, but now it seems that we should extend the time, space and life of quark particles in the intercellular, then the cells are healthy, natural aging problem is solved.



What extracted from human blood cells is the quark factor, dissolving rare farr bud bacteria into it, and making the synthetic priority with Alexander Astragalus Root, olive plants and others, fermenting and synthetising amino acid, telomerase, protein, globulin, albumin and so on. Simply and rapidly activate dormant telomerase in skin cells, boot and repair the function of cell regeneration, extend the time, space and life of quark particles in the intercellular, activate cell activity, recover the gene transduction reversed by telomerase, promote appropriate expression of telomerase activity, constantly replenish telomeres, stabilize chromosome and repair cell regeneration. To promote the newborn cells quantity is larger than the amount of senescent cells so as to achieve anti-aging function.
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American scientists Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack William Szostak was awarded a prize of telomere anti-aging technology in physiology or medicine by Karolinska Institute in Sweden.
Sierra company (JOSENSE International Medical Corp) first introduced the basic unit of human body and developed human quark anti-aging factor based on molecular biology theory and technology.
Yale university’s Joseph Gall Lab DNA sequence experimental research. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center clinical trial.
University of Nebraska Medical Center clinical trial.
Quark telomere anti-ageing experiment supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIGMS 73042) and the Robert a. Welch Foundation.
Dubai Chief Royal Hospital clinical trial.
British Royal MAYFAIR Anti-aging Medical Center clinical trial.
Italian PROMOITALIA Health Research Center clinical trial.
South African MORNINGSIDE clinical trial.
American The IV INFUSION CENTER clinical trial.
Costa Rica Clinica Biblica Hopsital clinical trial