The gene screening of JOSENSE International Medical corp was detected by geneticist, Dr. Brandon Colby MD. Dr Colby is a world leader in the field of predictive medicine, combining with comprehensive genetic testing and personalized disease prevention. He created JOSENSE gene screening, allowing us to provide high-end people with health predictive ability, and ultimately prevent the serious illness.

The framework is quite simple. Based on your history and your family history, we will choose a specific genetic test for you. Collect a small amount of DNA by blood or saliva (depending on the selected panel). The DNA will be sent to JOSENSE clinical laboratory in the United States and examined by highly advanced gene screening.

Once the lab completes the gene screening, your persomal doctor will receive a detailed report of genetic test results. You will also get a very simple genetic test report and easy to understand. The point is that it provide you with personalized prevention health care information. Then your private doctor will work with analyse your genetic testing report, then decide what will be the most effective prevention and treatment.

Gene screening is an important way to identify your health.If the result is positive, it can help you take preventive measures, in order to reduce the risk of disease.Negative result helps to avoid unnecessary medical examination.
Gene screening result will help to avoid uncertainty, and better prepare in advance.JOSENSE gene screening result and JOSENSE elite age management program can protect you from disease, in the future - and even in decade provide the prevention and control as soon as possible. Once we get your genetic testing results, your private doctor will tailor the “prevention and treatment” plan for you. It includes - lifestyle changes - preventive care, identification of lifestyle change, according to your genes, will most effectively reduce the risk of disease.
Screening program - genetic testing helps to find early disease, and the aging degree of body tissues and organs in order to avoid more unnecessary tests.
Addition - to know what type can effectively complement nutrition, determine the customized solution to further protect the health of your entire life.
Medicine - to understand what kind of medicine will be the most effective and try to avoid some side effects of disease.
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