JOSENSE brain health screening uses a independently developed computer-based MBT test system that can detect early signs of cognitive decline and accurately predict the future middle aged andsenior people’s signs of Alzheimer’s disease and related brain lesions. Further use of brain imaging tests is designed for early diagnosis and prevention of brain disorders or cerebral infarction based on a family history, brain diseases and brain tumors. MBT test system is supported by UAE Fund Committee, Dubai Health Authority, the UK Medical Research Council, American National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. It became an important means of early non-invasive diagnostic brain screening.

Computed tomography (CT), CT scan , a special X- ray test to determine whether there is cerebral hemorrhage. Test imaging is 2-D. In the test, it’s easier to observe the blood flow in the brain, and may indicate the site of aneurysm rupture. This changing test is called CT angiography.

Cerebrospinal fluid test, if you already have subarachnoid hemorrhage, most likely the fluid of around red blood cells of your brain and spinal, if you have symptoms of an aneurysm rupture, but a CT scan showes no significant bleeding. We will use a lumbar puncture, cerebrospinal fluid will flow out automatically for diagnosis.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An MRI imaging establishes the detailed imaging of brain by a magnetic field and radio waves, either 2-D or 3-D images sliced. The use of magnetic resonance imaging can enhance the images of blood vessels and aneurysm rupture site. This imaging test may provide a clearer pictures than the CT scan.

Cerebrovascular angiography, doctor first chooses one approach artery, generally the right femoral artery, place one arterial sheath through the right femoral artery, use different catheters through the arterial sheath, enter the aimed arterial by the guide wire, injection iodine contrast medium. Contrast medium through the blood vessel makes a continuous track radiography, produceing computer-aided digital subtraction angiography of cerebral blood vessels (DSA). DSA can not only clearly show the internal carotid artery, vertebral basilar artery, intracranial vascular and cerebral hemisphere vascular images, but also measure arterial blood flow, therefore, it has been used to check cerebrovascular disease, especially for aneurysms, dynamic venous malformations qualitative diagnosis. It not only can provide the exact site of the lesion, but also clearly show the scope and severity of the disease to provide a more reliable basis for the surgery.
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